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Frequently Asked Questions & Rules

I have seen your post, I am under 25, can I play?
Yes, anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to play

I don't have a kit, what do I need?

Astro turf trainers can be worn at all of our venues. Moulds can be worn on 3G/4G Surfaces.
We announce the teams the day of the match. You will be asked which colour top to wear, if you don't have the colour, bibs can be provided.

Do I need to wear shin pads?

At our games, shin pads are completely optional. Our games do not allow slide tackling, and therefore aren't overly aggressive, however for the purpose of safety, we would always recommend wearing them.

I am booked to play, but I need to cancel
To cancel a booking, you need to login, go to 'my bookings' and reschedule your game. This must be done no later than 24 hours before Kick-Off to receive a credit. If you need to cancel on the day, inform the group at the earliest opportunity.

I am not very good, can I still play?

Absolutely! Our groups are friendly communities of players of all ages and abilities

I am over 55, can I play?

Yes, absolutely. Only you know your limitations and are responsible for deciding if you are medically fit enough to play in our games

Is this walking football?

No, it's normal football played at a slower than average pace.

Can my son play if needed?

Providing he is over 18, and booked on. Anyone not booked onto the game is not permitted to play.

Match Day / Rules

When arriving, and working out which group is ours, ask someone if they're here for "Casual Football" usually you'll spot a group of players waiting down by the pitch just before our time starts


Where possible, arrive earlier to have a good stretch as once you have access to the pitch you'll want to get going


Wear the correct colour top, if not, please wear something as close to that colour as possible.


Our games don't require a ref. If you commit a foul please just hold your hands up and give the ball to the other team


If you kick a ball over, get it immediately, don't wait until after. Lost balls are the biggest reason we cannot continue on some pitches


No Slide tackling.


All players are allowed inside and outside the areas unless specified at a specific venue


After a goal, resume play from the defending teams GK rather than going back to centre


Kick-Ins instead of throw ins


Pass-backs to GK allowed


As it's small sided no offsides


Gloves are supplied, if your team doesn't have a dedicated goalkeeper, please rotate the keeper every 6/7 mins (Rotate both GKs at the same time to reduce waiting around)


Remember to have fun, we don't like players who moan at others, this isn't the environment for that and we invite any ability player to play with us, we want everyone to feel welcome and included.


At the end, don't forget to shake hands, return balls, bibs and gloves to the bag.


If a game is heavily one sided at HT, switch up the teams a little bit just to make sure the game remains enjoyable for everyone

If you are unable to make the game, please inform the group by 2PM. Cancellations after this time will not receive credit



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